Homescreen is generally the first thing you see after you unlock the phone. Thus, I think it reflects the app you use the most. I personally order the apps I installed according to their usage. Here is my Homescreen as in August 2012:


  1. Twitter for iPhone
    Actually, Twitter for iPhone is quite enough for me. I just found a better option.
  2. Contact
    I can access contact through Phone and Messages app, so why should i put it on the homescreen? The only scenario I’d use it is when I need my personal information such as paying for internet bills, phone bills, etc.


  1. Day One
    I’ve installed this app for a long time but i rarely used it due to its limitation for accepting text only content. Contradictary to my interest in blogging, I was kinda lazy writing a personal journal. Some days ago an update which enables it to snap and store a Photo changes the game. Its interactive interface is awesome. Heck i even downloaded the Mac version, sync the two using iCloud. Having Day One installed is like having your private twitter account where you can freely spit your mind and none but you can read it.
  2. Tweetbot
    As what i’ve said above, actually Twitter for iPhone is quite enough for me but I was curious about how people are so enthusiastic about the Tweetbot. Some days ago I decided to give it a try and fell in love to its interface and UX. I even think that the screen of my iPhone feels different when i use tweetbot tho. Weird.

That’s my Homescreen. How’s yours? I’d love to know your homescreen apps 😀