The name is Fikri Rasyid.

Since you’re here, I assume you want to know more stuffs than the obvious name. Here it goes.

01. Let’s start with a fun fact


Has passed since I hit the publish button
on this site for the first time.

*Check out this blog’s archive. The first post was published at April 1st, 2008.

I’m a WordPress theme developer. I’m currently working as web developer for Elegant Themes since 2015. At Elegant Themes, I work in amazing team which brought exciting features for Elegant Themes customer.


Right click options

Divi Builder’s Split Testing Interface

Divi 3.0’s Visual Builder

Me shared several stories from my perspective about Divi 3.0 development process on Elegant Themes’ podcast, Divi Nation.


Prior to my current gig at Elegant Themes, I was very lucky to be able to work with several clients and employer as remote and on-site developer. Some of them were:

If you’re interested on my role on these projects, check out Here are links to the stories of my work experiences, freelance projectspresentations, my free public themes & plugins.


Now we’ve talked about what I’ve done,
let’s discuss several things about me.

Bandung, Capital City of West Java

I am here.

I live in Bandung, Indonesia.

If you live in western countries, there is a chance that you might never heard of Indonesia but you’ve certainly heard of Bali. Bali is a province of Indonesia

I’m married to an amazing wife and I’m a father to a brilliant son

I have a bachelor degree (S.Pd.) in English Education.

Actually, I planned to attend visual communication design department. However, things went south and I ended up getting my bachelor degree in English Education.

It ended pretty well tho.8


That’s it!

Got a nice things to tell?