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Opus Version 1.2

Opus Version 1.2 has been approved and released on WordPress theme repository. This release includes following changes: Fixing search form bug on 404 template Adding better looking sticky post UI Prevent entry category crashes...

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WooCommerce Goodies

Inspired by GitHub’s Open Source (Almost) Everything credo, me and my employer at Hijapedia agreed to share our custom developed toolkits where we can. This week, we got three WooCommerce add-ons ((Courtesy of Hijapedia))...

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Civil Footnotes

Civil Footnotes: A very great plugin for adding footnotes capability to WordPress1. It is so good I’ve made some commits to make next version of Opus2 compatible with this plugin3. Hat tip to Austin Sweeney for developing...

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WordPress Newsboard

A fantastic aggregator site developed by @qriouslad for WordPress development related news. I recently started adding more WordPress-related blog’s feed on my feedly to keep me up with WordPress-related news when I found...

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Opus Version 1.1

Seven months after publishing Opus to WordPress Theme Repository, there are some stuffs that I think need to be added, tweaked, and fixed. Hence, here comes the version 1.1 of Opus: Every pixel of screen space is precious Marius...

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