Hello, I am Fikri Rasyid

I am Indonesian-based WordPress theme developer. I’ve blogged here since 2008.

About This Site

fikrirasyid.com is my personal blog where I share my thoughts, ideas, and experiences. It consists of writings, photos, and occassional vlogs. I write mostly in Bahasa Indonesia and English.


My thoughts in form of writing. Sometimes its a manifestation of what’s on my mind, sometimes it’s just a way to share what I’ve been experienced.


Mostly a cross-post from my Instagram on instagram.com/fikrirasyid. I recently gain more interests on photography. All the photos are either shot on Sony 𝛂 6000, Sony RX100, or iPhone 6S.


Me and my wife started a YouTube channel at the end of 2016. It mainly consists of family-related experience and travel videos so far.

Recent Posts

These are things I posted on this site. Enjoy. 

Hanya Berdagang dengan Yang Seagama

Salah satu teori yang cukup populer (ada beberapa teori, silahkan Googling sendiri) mengenai penyebaran islam di Nusantara adalah Islam masuk melalui perdagangan yang dilakukan oleh para pedagang yang datang dari daerah Gujarat (India). Bayangkan apa yang terjadi jika...

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I’m currently not available for frontend development or WordPress-based project. Besides that, let me know if you’ve something nice or interesting to say.