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I am Indonesian-based WordPress theme developer. I’ve blogged here since 2008. This is my personal blog where I share my thoughts and experiences.

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Spain Trip 2018

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Spain Trip 2018

Photo Stories, PlacesSpain Trip 2018Text, Photos, & Videos by Fikri RasyidThe Trip In NumberIt's that time of the year again: the long-awaited Elegant Themes' Annual Company Retreat. The company I work for, Elegant Themes, is a distributed company. The main...

The Pain Worth Struggling For

Written by Fikri RasyidRecently, between all the issues I am currently facing, I stumble upon this question: If all the issues, all the trouble, all the anxiety, all the stress, and all the problem shape me into a person that someday will be able to help my children...

By Your Side

It is quite weird that as I grow older, sleeping becomes one of frequently encountered issue I got. I used to be able to sleep very easily. Lie down, close my eyes for significant amount of seconds, then off I go to the land of dream. It's not that simple anymore....

Save One Person

I'm pretty sure it was Steve Jobs' view on perfectionism (particularly from Walter Isaacson's biography) that shaped my view on how and what should I work on. Particularly, on what should I make, share, and write. Is this the best thing that I can write? Is this great...

Eid Al-Adha 2018

There was celebration of Eid Al-Adha in the middle of August 2018. My extended family from my mother side has its own tradition when it comes to celebrating Eid Al-Adha. In my family, the day is generally can be divided into three parts: The actual ritual, family...

Groceries at Superindo Dago

I recently purchased Sony A7ii + 28mm f2.0 OSS lens earlier this month to achieve full-frame mirrorless experience with wider field of view and better dynamic range. I'm so excited and carrying it everywhere including to the supermarket. I can say the that the result...

An Afternoon in Rainbow Garden

I have been to Lembang's Floating Market couple of times. I knew that they are expanding their site with new thematic parks (if you can call them "parks") but i haven't had a chance to visit it. Couple of weeks a go my in-laws are in town and we have this free time on...

Eid Mubarak 2018

Me and my wife have a pact to take turns on big family holiday such as Eid Mubarak and Eid Al-Adha: If this year we celebrate it in Bandung (my hometown), next year we'll celebrate it in Cirebon (her hometown). This year is Cirebon's turn. We'll celebrate Eid Mubarak...

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