Remember when blogroll was a thing?

Pejalan Friends

When stranger becomes friends due to intersection of interests. Sometimes we chat at our Telegram group, sometimes we publish posts.

  1. Pejalan
  2. Hafiz Rahman
  3. Retno Nindya a.k.a. Kapkap
  4. Uswah
  5. Rizqi Nizamil Putra

Indonesian Geeks

Some local geeks I know. Some of them code. Some of the lead a team and making awesome stuff. All of them are amazing.

  1. Danu Widhyatmoko
  2. Alzipco Hepzi
  3. Richard Fang
  4. Asep Bagja a.k.a. Bepitulaz
  5. Arie M. Prasetyo a.k.a. Omari™
  6. Yohan Totting
  7. Pandu Truhandito
  8. Joshua Kevin


If there’s some blogs I need to know, please email me here.