Needing, Choosing, and Loving Microsoft 

by | Sep 19, 2022 | Essays

Satya Nadella said this during Windows 10 event in 2015:

We want to go from users needing Windows to choosing Windows to loving Windows

Satya Nadella

My first reaction toward this was combination of chuckle, shrugging, and a good-luck-bro. I’ve been (and still) so deep in Apple ecosystem and couldn’t imagine myself will choose nor loving Windows. That being said, wild thing happens and history isn’t very kind to overconfident argument. So.. let’s just observe what will unfold next.


Fast forward 7 years to 2022.

Nope, i still use Apple ecosystem as my daily device for personal and work. I have windows 10 machine for gaming but that’s just few hours per week usage.

That being said, I write code primarily using Visual Studio Code, that is owned by Microsoft.

Most code that i write these days is written in Typescript, syntactical superset of Javascript that is developed and maintained by Microsoft.

On top of that, the code i interacted with is hosted in GitHub, which is acquired by Microsoft.

And i love these tools.

So Microsoft might not win over the device or personal computing dominance yet, but they start to earn back some categories — at least in my personal use case.

Microsoft aside, this makes me wonder that the journey back to winning tide might not be regain equal thing that have lost, but winning back in multiple fronts in various scale and maybe in various speed. Loosen up your perspective, things might appear (or reappears) in various forms.