Daily Streak

by | Jun 26, 2022 | Essays

Life moments and goals come in form of highlights. Graduating college, wedding, loosing weight, you called it. The interesting thing is these highlights are almost always culmination of effort; tons of things happening in span of times and at the peak of it certain thing is finally happening and that’s how we remember it.

What seems obvious but i recently realize, the peak won’t happen if the grind doesn’t happen in the first place.

Thus if i have a goal but I can’t scope it down into something that i can do in daily basis, the goal is as good as daydreaming.

Thus evaluating life would be as ground as what do you do today that is part of your effort on achieving your goal?

Say your goal is to be a good father for your kids. What action that you do today that is part that help you being a good father for your kids?

What have you done today? What is your plan for tomorrow?