Opus Version 1.2 has been approved and released on WordPress theme repository. This release includes following changes:

  • Fixing search form bug on 404 template
  • Adding better looking sticky post UI
  • Prevent entry category crashes with entry time
  • Fixing strict standard issue on PHP 5.4
  • Turn of parallax effect on touch device because jQuery’s .scroll() doesn’t play nice with touch
  • WP-IG support: adding Instagram icon if the post is Imported Instagram media
  • Enhanced UI: adding date, month, and year divider
  • Enhanced UI: adjust javascript based effect if the window is resized
  • Resizing featured image to optimize page load
  • Enhanced UI: changing default page cover photo
  • Enhanced UI: fading out page cover as a complement of parallax effect
  • Civil Footnotes: Adding custom styling for civil footnotes-generated footnote.
  • Changing screenshot image to the better version
  • Jetpack support: tweaking styling for comment email subscription checkbox
  • Adding custom styling for dashboard header editing

Go update your version of Opus from your WordPress update dashboard. If you haven’t use Opus, give it a try. I think you’ll love it.