Last year, I watched Jiro Dreams of Sushi and got really impressed by Jiro’s dedication toward sushi. Last week, i read this story on kotaku, about Eiichiro Oda’s long hours of work:

In a recent manga interview, Oda was asked about his workday. He replied, “Well mornings…I get up at 5am, and I work until 2am. It’s normal for me to sleep from 2am to 5am.” This is something the 37 year-old manga artist talked about earlier this year. But, man, 21 hour shifts. That’s a long day.P

Then, when asked about his days off, Oda replied, “I have no days off. If I had them, I’d want to go on vacation with my family. I just want to go outside, it doesn’t matter where. See, I don’t get out much.”

Source: One Piece Is Still One Cruel Mistress

Now that is what we call dedication.