A very quick review of three active video streaming service subscriptions I use so far:

  1. Netflix: The OG of streaming services. It has tons of titles and it has tons of originals / exclusives. However, most of their “originals” movies feels generic and formulaic tho. For whatever reason, their “originals” series feels better. The funny thing is that its gigantic library, which is its strength, also comes at cost: I found myself scrolling and looking for series to be watched instead of actually watching it. The kids’ section content is rather disappointing. I found a hard time looking for a fun show that doesn’t contain violence and available in Bahasa Indonesia. 
  2. Disney+: The main reason i get it is because it has tons of Pixar titles which are available in Bahasa Indonesia so my kid can watch them without being exposed to foreign language (because he isn’t ready yet – he has slight issue with receptory language skill). It seems like it also has tons of Disney series with Indonesian dub as well.
  3. Apple TV+: The only reason it’s on my list is because i bought new apple devices and free subscription for Apple TV+ was given for a year. The only show I ended up watching with my kid: Scoopy in Space. I kept reading from my social circle that Ted Lasso is pretty good, but i haven’t had a chance to watch it tho.

Amazon Prime Video and HBO seems to have tons of interesting titles that i’d love to watch like The Boys, Raised by Wolves, Westworld, Upload, Watchmen, etc but i don’t think I have time to watch all of them. The only thing that i’m seriosly getting so far is HBOMax (not sure how to get it on my region tho) once they release The Snyder Cut.