The Taste of Memories

by | Jun 13, 2022 | Essays

I forgot where did I watch this (either YouTube, Tiktok, or Instagram Reels 🤷‍♂️): there’s this chef who shares his favorite fried rice recipe and he wholeheartedly believes that it is the best fried rice recipe because that’s what his late father used to cook; Fond memory makes the food tastes better, he argued. Every time he cook that fried rice, it reminds him to his father because it tastes exactly like the fried rice his father used to make.


It’s been weeks since i watched that video. Every now and then i think about what the chef said and how will my children will think of me one day.

How will they remember me?

What kind of activity that makes them think of me?

This one is still within my influence: How do i want them to remember me? Rewind that hypothetical end result to present time: what have I done in daily basis to achieve it?

So many questions.