Hello From the other side

Hi, I am Fikri Rasyid1.ย This is my personal blog which I have maintained since 2008. The content of this blog is mainly categorized into four major themes:

  1. Thought
    My thoughts onย things
  2. Experience
    Things I’ve done
  3. Awesomeness
    Stuffs that spark ideas on my mind
  4. WordPress
    My thoughts & experiencesย around WordPress

If you want more of my writings, I also have other blogs which covers more specific topics:

    My work (coding, design, & WordPress) related blog
    List of random ideas

Happy reading2. I do hope you have a great time here ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. You canย get to know meย more here

  2. And do some epic conversations about what you’ve read. 

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