The Art of Seeing Things

by | Jun 11, 2018 | Uncategorized

It feels super weird to found out that some words means nothing for you at that time but years later it just clicks and you finally get it. It was one of my lecturer, Mr. Eki, who said that photography is mainly about the art of seeing things (rephrased). 

I didn’t get it nor have any interest in photography at that time. I recently gained interest in photography and start to understand it. I followed couple of photography enthusiast on Instagram and their photo blows my mind. One of my biggest take is a good photograph is everywhere. All you need is (note: this is surely an oversimplified version of it) mainly see the harmony and then frame it in correct angle. Technicality, gears, and process affect the final outcome but first and the foremost you need to see “it” first: you need to see the beauty and pattern in what you see, amidst the noise that we perceived as chaos.

What further struck me: this art of “see”-ing the beauty actually makes a good life philosophy. You might think that your life a complete mess while all you need is actually correct angle of seeing it. Zoom it in, zoom it out, frame it, reframe it, focus on what matters, blurs the rest out, or even be one with everything surrounds you.

With proper framing, a simple thing such as man pedalling his rickshaw on the traditional market you visit every single day can turn into something visually interesting.