Routines feat Interest in Photography

by | Jun 11, 2018 | Photo Stories

It was a normal weekend for us. We need to go to places, doing chores, and stuffs. In spirit of practicing to “see” through things, I carried my Sony α6000 + E 35mm f1.8 OSS lens and captured picture here and there through out the day. I hope you like it.

Early Day at The Supermarket

We went to Yogya at Sunda Street instead of our usual choice Griya Pahlawan because the place was so packed. It was weekend and early Ramadhan. We couldn’t even enter the parking lot. The parking queue even reached the road.

We’re there for fresh foods and Makna’s stuffs. If you don’t have kid yet you’ll be quite surprised at how significant baby’s milk and diapers affect your budget when you have one.

Trans Studio Mall’s Payless

After all the basic necessities we went to Trans Studio Mall’s Payless. The place offer shoes at a very competitive price. For some reason my wife always find shoes that fits her here instead of anywhere else.

At this rate it’s like “you don’t find the shoes, the shoes find you” kind of thing.

Shipping off my first prime lens

This Sony 50mm & f1.8 OSS is my first prime lens ever which I bought it right when I bought my α6000. It performed nicely but the situation I mostly in require wider point of view which rarely handled by 50mm. For that reason, most of my photos are captured with E 35mm lens.

It turned out that my friend Hafiz are looking for one and we ended up discussed about it and agreed on the price. Soon afterward i shipped it to its new owner.

Replacing tires with the new pairs

My car were just being serviced earlier this month and the service center recommended me to replace the tires I’m using because regardless their okay-ish condition, the tires’ age have passed 5 years old from its production time. You actually can see the tire’s production time on the side of the tire which is printed in YYWW format (Year + Week). If it has surpassed 3 (official service center recommendation) or 4 (tire seller’s recommendation) years, It is recommended for you to replace it. The Nissan service center don’t have any spare and ordering them will took 3 – 4 days so I just look around for a tire-shop and happen (Nzi actually knows one near our neighborhood) to find one with a very competitive price. The seller have a direct contact with the distributor which sells the tires with a generous 25% discount + free spooring and balancing service if you bought 4 new tires. The official service center on the other hand, charge these costs even if you bought 4 new tires.

So that’s the silver lining. Look around and comparing prices help 👌