#LimamuUnite Iftar, 2018

by | Jun 11, 2018 | Photo Stories

I’ve written about this circle of friends of mine on the blog. We were bunch of class of 2018 English department students at Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia from across classes and programmes. It started as impromptu hangout at this food court called Limamu near our campus where we sit, eat, and talk about bunch of random things and have a good laugh for hours.

One of our earliest picture. I’m pretty sure it was taken using Photobooth app. I forgot whether it was iPad’s or Macbook’s tho.

It’s been a while since hang out together. It’s kinda weird but it is really hard for us to be able to schedule our hangout together when we plan things in advance. Thus when I randomly messaged Yana about the possibility to hang out we just put things in motion and set the date as early as possible.

And voila! It’s ramadhan so let’s do an iftar. Some of us already have a baby so we need a baby friendly place. Screw it, let’s do it on my house!


Little trip down to the memory lane

I just check out my instagram feed and it turned out we were sorta BBQ-ing the last time we hang out. It was mid September 2016. Damn, time flies.


Luckily Nzi are able to plan the logistics and turn our place into a proper place for “college friends turns almost 30 and have a spouse + baby” to hangout and spend couple of hours together.

So here we are.


We prepared plenty of meals. Props to Nzi to get everything planned and prepared 😆

Ijey became that fun uncle who take care the kid

The Squad, spouses, and the next generation – sans Ines & Mas Sony (wish you guys were here). We talked about bunch of things. Mostly what the heck happened to our life recently.  And the best part are of course when things randomly get serious out of nowhere. Because that’s just what we do.

Last but not least, the obligatory group photo

It was really a fun night. We definitely need to do it more often.

Photo notes

All pictures (except the group photo and the photobooth photo) are taken using Sony α6000 + E 35mm f1.8 OSS lens. The last group photo are taken using iPhone 6S camera. The photos are post processed with Adobe Lightroom Classic CC using Petter McKinnon’s 2017 Overexpose Fix Preset with major color changes.

I had fun taking the pictures. It was a low-light situation and this lead me to realize the limitation of α6000. Most of the picture looks okay-ish when it was previewed on the camera’s range finder and monitor but the distortion looks really significant once they were imported and previewed on lightroom.