Genggong Iftar 2018

by | Jun 17, 2018 | Photo Stories

This year I had a chance to attend iftar with my close college friends (we deliberately reference ourself as Genggong for the sake of referencing) besides my #LimamuUnite buddies. We were close friends during college due to the class we were in  and this year marks a decade that we know each other. Many of us are already married and have a kid this year and it is a surreal feeling to meet each other an look back past time. We used to hangout in between classes waiting for the next class time while eating cilok and now we’re meeting up at this cafe pushing baby stroller with our spouse carrying backpack filled with baby amenities chasing after our kids.

To be honest, I never picture myself in my late twenties reaching this phase together with my college buddies. Gratefully, things went pretty well. I feel so grateful with how things are right now.


We had our iftar dinner at this cafe called Hara Cafe & Resto in Jl. Prof. Dr. Sutami No.62 Bandung. It was the middle of the Ramadhan month where people commonly had iftar dinner with their friends so I assumed the place would be packed. To my surprise, the place wasn’t pack but still lively. Many people had Iftar dinner within the capacity of the place. The food wasn’t spectacular but the place was quite well designed (it has this familiar industrial look) and cozy.

Kid disapproves in 4 acts.

This is so hilarious i have to post it on its own section 😂

Calling it a night.

We couldn’t stay too late because well.. we have kids now. So after couple of hours (I actually came late to the cafe because i still had work to be done) we called it a night and bid a farewell.

Before we left, of course, it was time for the obligatory group photo.

The gang + spouses + kids

The gang (sans Hana, Dedew, & Mauli who couldn’t make it)

Photo Notes

All pictures were taken using Sony α6000 + E 35mm f1.8 OSS lens. The low-light situation kinda frustrate me a bit because it shows α6000 limitation in handling low-light situation. It might look in camera’s monitor but once you imported it on lightroom, all the glitches are significantly noticable.

The photos are taken by Fikri Rasyid, Rizkiya Fauziyah, and that waitress lady which I don’t remember her name 😅.