Snapping Pictures While Go-Riding Back Home

by | May 28, 2018 | Photo Stories

This is not the best nor the safest idea ever, but this is what i kinda of did this morning. Spoiler: it ends up being quite fun to be honest.

These are some relatively worthy picture that I took during the ride.

This all started with me not dropping the car on the service center for routine service earlier this morning. Like many Indonesian these days, I ordered Go-Ride (uber for motorcycle-based Taxi) to go back home.

It’s been a while since I used Go-Jek app to be honest. It felt little bit clunky the last time I used it for ordering Go-Ride (probably more than a year ago) and I prefer Uber most of the time. Since Uber no longer operates in the region, I ordered Go-jek’s Go-Ride.

To my surprise: the app feels really nice and well polished. Plus, the availability of the driver is surprising.

It’s probably just a matter of time until some manufacturer slaps Android Auto to a motorcycle.
Nothing to see here. Just two motorcycles almost being aligned on the road.
A Trafic light face-off. Motorcyclist are everywhere in the country.
Remember when I said “Motorcyclist are everywhere in the country” literally on the paragraph above? This is a tiny example of traditional market in Bandung where the road is occupied with the sellers and whatever left is used as road for motorcycle.

And this is not the market as its peak. This also probably the reason why whenever I went to western hemisphere of the world I self-question myself: where are the people? The density of the people is remarkably different.

Cycle rickshaw does still exist in the city.
Reading newspaper while waiting for passanger. As I said before, cycle rickshaw does still exist in the city.