Home Ownership Realization

by | Nov 22, 2020 | Essays | 2 comments

I recently noticed that a is similar to software. We usually think that once the house is being hand over to you, it is finally done. The reality is far from that. Once the house is being hand over to you, they journey of the house actually continues:

  • It’ll need maintenance. Some part of the house might look good before you actually lived in it. However, once you live in it you’ll see how it perform through out dry and rain, and most importantly against how you live and your habit. Some part of the house will break, and this will need maintenance.
  • You’ll want to add the feature to the house. As the time goes by, you’ll realize that there are use cases that haven’t been covered – thus you’ll stuff on top of existing stuff.

So the day you receive the key to your house, that’s not the time to say “i finally make it!”. It is more of “Now let the journey begin”. Thus, your grand plan of owning a home should consider two things: how to finally own it and what’s the plan after you own it.


  1. Zam

    it’s kinda handed over from previous dev, you need to maintain, update, and adding feature..

    anway, congrats for you!

    • Fikri Rasyid

      Indeed it is. Thanks Zam 😁