Personal Vlog

by | Nov 26, 2020 | Essays | 2 comments

Circa 2017, me and my wife decided to vlog. We vlogged for a year and then we stopped because we became way too aware of what we should put on the vlog and what we should omit. It was no longer fun. The decision of where we go and what to do were somewhat affected by the urge to make a video.

That being said, re-watching the vlogs and realizing what we’ve went through and how we looked like around that time is so much fun. I realize human mind are both powerful but fragile at the same time. We remember how things feel like but we forget the details. I found having a video of what i’ve done in the format of vlogs are really helpful to remember what i’ve done before.

Fast forward to 2020, we decided to sorta vlog again. The difference: we won’t publish our vlog. We also won’t put too much thought on it. Just record a video when it is possible using our phones, then stitch the video over the weekend when we have time. Afterward we have this little nice viewing before the new weeks start as a way to remember what we’ve been through this past week. The vlog’s audience will be exclusively us, remains offline, as a way for us to remember the past.

it’s been 7 videos; It feels so good so far.

I think this will be a nice present for our kids when they grow up ❤️.


  1. Zam

    ah, good idea. I used to vlog as well. just shot some stuff using mobile phone (and of course considering some privacy), edit it in phone (I used Quik), and publish.. no need script or other things.. it was fun..

    I think I’ll start vlogging again.

    • Fikri Rasyid

      Yeah, simply for a personal archive. It makes looking back past memories more vivid.