EPL & Unpredictability

by | Nov 22, 2020 | Essays

Couple of weeks and matches have passed and i can say that EPL is so fascinating. You just don’t know what happened next or who’ll win. Liverpool which is last year’s champions are surrounded by injury; Manchester City their closest rival seems to lost their way; Everton are on the first place until Pickford scissor kicks Van Dijk and now they are loosing. Arsenal left Ozil out of the team. Maurinho who wins trophy with any club he’s coaching looks lethal with his Son-Kane duo.

Unpredictable. Fascinating.

Compare it to other league:

  • Serie A: Juventus wins 9 consecutive scudetto
  • Bundesliga: Either Bayern or Dortmund
  • La Liga: Either Real Madrid or Barcelona. And Atletico Madrid sometimes.

So the unpredictability keeps the competition fun. The interesting part is i wonder why it isn’t really applied to real world: we like when things are predictable and discouraged when things are unpredictable.