On photography

by | Jan 13, 2020 | Essays

I’ve been into photography for quite some time and slowly learn one and two tricks. From things that i’ve learned so far, there is one realization that helps me a lot: the final beautiful photography you saw is most likely post processed. Consequently, what you see in a photograph is not identical to what you see in real life. The saturation is adjusted, the brightness might be tweaked, the shadow might be modified, etc.

How this helps me: whenever i saw a jaw dropping pictures of places, events, activities, etc, i can say to myself:

Oh, this looks cool; Nevertheless i’m pretty sure in the real life it looks different in some ways. Could be less impressive, could be more impressive, could be more crowded, etc. This just a snap of multi-angles event / object / person.

This kinda helps me with the everyone-looks-dope-and-i-might-be-left-out feeling in this for the gram era.