Rarely 100% Ready

by | Jan 18, 2020 | Essays

Many things in life couldn’t wait until I am fully ready on my own terms. Sometimes I just need to decide then roll with what I had. I remember i had this naivete back then: I’ll learn how to drive a car when i have my own car. I had this fear that if i learn how to drive a car using my parents car, i’ll cause them a trouble if i had the car crashed.

Couple of insults later with my colleague mates, i force myself to drive a car using my parents’ car, and roll with it.

Another example was my wedding. I set myself certain amount of money that I want to gather for the wedding. My goal was to have significant amount of the wedding cost paid by my own. I ended up not fully achieve the amount i set. Nevertheless, we found a way. The wedding was held as scheduled, and we roll with it.

The most recent example is being a parent. Am i good enough for being a parent? Nevertheless me and my wife became parents and i couldn’t imagine being parents when we are 100% fully ready; There are some stuffs that you can learn beforehand but i don’t think i can learn these many fatherhood stuff unless i’m a father in the first place.

I’m not saying i don’t need to prepare for anything. Prepare the best way possible, but go do things, roll with what you have and learn things as it happens.