Setting Some Old Posts to Private

by | Jan 13, 2020 | Essays

I just set some of the most popular posts on this blog to private so people can’t read it. Here’s why: several days ago I received Google Search Console review for this site which shows me what keywords people have been used to arrive to this blog:

For you who doesn’t speak Indonesian, arti kehidupan roughly translates into the meaning of life. People come to this blog looking for the fucking meaning of life.

Let that sink in.

This is what makes me feel weird about the whole thing: the posts which is referred by these keywords is the post i wrote in 2009. It is literally a decade ago. So when people come and read the article, they read the thought of a decade ago me which sounds pretty different from the present me. I think of removing all the posts older than several years old but i think that’s probably too much; Many of these posts indeed sounds different prom the present me but they are not as popular as this post (aka. nobody even read it anymore these days) and the gravity of this post isn’t as tense as looking the meaning of life from a decade ago me.

It’s like staring at the stars: what you actually see is not present-time stars. Due to its thousand of light year distance, the stars that you see in the sky is actually the light of the stars from thousand years ago.

These stars are thousand years ago stars. Heck it took 8 minutes + for sun’s light to reach earth so when you see the sun it is actually 8 minutes ago sun. Photo by Ryan Hutton on Unsplash

Hence, after several consideration:

  1. I look at my site’s analytics
  2. I look at top viewing page
  3. Is this how i want people to reach / know me, and are these still relevant for the present me? I got another blog post from 2012 about my experience looking for a place to stay in Jakarta which ends up with people emailing me about such query which is ridiculous
  4. If the answer is no, then i’ll set it as private.

Bye bye, blog posts.