Doing begins by believing

by | Dec 27, 2020 | Essays | 2 comments

I just realize this recently: I tend to do something if I think it is possible. If i don’t think it is possible, i’ll keep a backlog of it but i’ll probably won’t do it anytime soon. Just keeping it in the horizon – not sure when i’ll do it.

A very clear example for this happened in late 2017. I always want to go to Japan but I thought it was expensive and out of my reach. So i keep wanting to do it but I’m not sure when will I be able to do it. Then something happen: my little sister mentioned me cheap flights to East Asia via Bali. It lead me to this train of thought:

Hold on a second… if the price of the flight is this much, it might be possible to go to Japan afterall 🤔

This moment lead to further price and trip research. I didn’t end up using that cheap flight route, but i ended up visiting japan for a week with my wife.

All it need was a push to make me think that it is possible, then the snowball rolls from that.

This lead me to think: I guess for every stuff that I want to achieve, my homework is to make myself informed enough to think it is possible.

The same goes to my kids; As a parent, one of big homework of mine is to make them well informed enough to think and believe that their goals are possible.


  1. Zam

    I had similar experience. I’ve never thought I would go to Raja Ampat. I’ve always dreamed about it but I didn’t know how to do it.. then, suddenly, I won a competition with price of.. diving to Raja Ampat! my dream came true!

    the same thing when I wanted to work abroad. I didn’t know how to start, but I just did whatever I could do, and here I am now..

    dream is so powerful. words are prayer. so keep dreaming good things!

    • Fikri Rasyid

      Sometimes all it needs is that gentle push to start indeed