Save One Person

by | Oct 26, 2018 | Essays

I’m pretty sure it was Steve Jobs’ view on perfectionism (particularly from Walter Isaacson’s biography) that shaped my view on how and what should I work on. Particularly, on what should I make, share, and write.

Is this the best thing that I can write?

Is this great enough to be shared?

Will this resonate with millions of people?

Will this make a dent in universe and change the course of history?

You know, stuff like that. 

The problem is the more i want things to be super mega awesome and perfect, the less thing I do. I end up over-editing myself and not letting me making any mistake. I end up not creating anything and not not sharing anything.

I stop before exploring the possibilities. I stop before i got some chance to tweak over things.

So it got me rethinking this. Specifically: how good is good enough?

How much impact required to classify an idea as a good enough idea to be shared?

I still don’t have the exact answer for this. But surprisingly, the closest answer that i can settle for the time being comes from Batman on Justice League movie:

Save one person. 

If a piece of idea ends up helping at least one person, I probably need to consider just publishing it. 

Just help one person. It is a good enough reason.