By Your Side

by | Nov 1, 2018 | Essays

It is quite weird that as I grow older, sleeping becomes one of frequently encountered issue I got. I used to be able to sleep very easily. Lie down, close my eyes for significant amount of seconds, then off I go to the land of dream. It’s not that simple anymore. Sometimes I just have this urge to do stuffs and not sleeping because I feel that there is so many things i want to do and there is so little time. Sometimes I just simply can’t sleep and ends up watching Netflix – which is a totally worse option because it makes sleeping harder but what can you do when you just want to lie on the bed but can’t sleep. And the worse thing is sometimes I successfully sleep but woke up tired instead of feeling getting enough rest.

These situations are kinda sucks, but this makes me notice when I got a very good sleep. One of them frequently happened when I put my son to bed but I ended up sleeping next to him. Or when I simply fell asleep holding his sleeping hand.

Being parent is a hard work. But child keeps giving you experience you never thought exist before.