Five stages of house

by | Nov 30, 2020 | Essays

It takes sometime to understand that many things in life won’t arrive as you wish it at once. They come in stages instead. For example, your first job won’t be your dream job. It is most likely requires couple of job-change until you land on that dream job of yours.

In terms of housing, at the very least I think there are five stages of house.

  1. The house where you were growing up
  2. The house when you were venturing off to be adult. Probably the school’s dorm if you attended boarding school, the dorm you rented when you were at university or while you were working for your first job, etc.
  3. The house you had to choose when you started your family. You just got married with not so much budget to be spent. So whatever’s available + possible, that’s the two of you called house.
  4. The first house you purchased. Not the house you’re dreaming of, but the first house you can afford.
  5. The house of your dream. The house with kitchen island you’re dreaming of, or the workshop and all the tools you’re dreaming off, etc. The “ideal” house.

Some of us are fortunate to experience all of them. Some of us aren’t that fortunate. That being said, the house you’re wishing for won’t appear magically exactly the way you wish out of the blue right out of the bat. Your first house won’t be your dream house (unless you are extremely lucky). However if you work hard and to some extent, lucky enough (can’t deny that some aspect will always be out of your control), one day you’ll earn that dream house of yours.

It takes time. Most important things in life takes time.