Fikri's This Week Recap

3rd week of February, 2018

I Write. Again.

I’m pretty sure that some part of myself still think that it is still 2017 but here we are entering the last week of February 2018. As cliche as it sounds, time indeed flies really fast. I practically sort of abandoning blogging the entire 2017 to experiment on making content in video format. After doing it for a while, I have a feeling that this isn’t my strength. Travel vlog is so much fun but weekly vlog doesn’t feel right for me. Personally I like how it gave a super vivid throwback but the process feels artificial and over-exposing myself.

With that being said, I think I’ll restrict my video exploration to travel/idea kind of content and back to writing medium again. This time, with some “tricks” I learned and worked on the entire 2017. 

Anyway, I’ve been writing a quite lengthy post about my recent trip to Japan. Think of it as written version of my Japan Trip 2017 vlog. It’ll probably need another week or two until completion. It’ll be very visual. It’s been a while since I look up to Paul Stamatio’s blog (do check out his blog. It is really amazing.) and wanting to write something as compelling as his post and his photo blog. I think this can be a good start for that effort.

Meanwhile, these are some interesting stuffs I found through out the week. Enjoy.

Fikri Rasyid,
25th February, 2018

A Seriously Sad Twitter Thread

@glrhn shared his saddest story of his and asked his follower their saddest story of their life. The incoming responses are really shocking and sad.

Note: these tweets are in Bahasa Indonesia.

Wakanda Forever!

I watched Black Panther with my wife last sunday and I really really like it. A superhero movie with subtle and well-packaged social issue and subtext: isolationist policy, black culture, afrofuturism, different take on female and black potrayal, you name it. I’m on my edge of my seat the entire movie. The risk somehow feels real. Theatricality wise, fist to fist combat always feels more breath taking than ridiculous blaster and laser beams.

Anyway, given how advanced the tech is, it feels like Black Panther is Iron Man without flying capability.

Plus, he has ridiculous amount of vibranium.

Super mario Odyssey

I recently bought this game for my switch. To be honest the first couple of levels didn’t make me too excited but I start to appreciate and like the game design after Forgotten Isle. A fun and colorful game with no explicit violence.

Josh Kunze’s Relentless

I don’t know who Josh Kunze is until Barasuara’s Marco Steffiano posted couple of stories and posts on his Instagram about this guy’s latest album (he co-produces the album). I tried listening to the album and I like some of the tracks. “Back to Basics” is definitely my favourite. Other ones that I like: “Feel“, “Something Special“, and “You Give Me Nothing“.