Groceries at Superindo Dago

by | Aug 20, 2018 | Photo Stories

I recently purchased Sony A7ii + 28mm f2.0 OSS lens earlier this month to achieve full-frame mirrorless experience with wider field of view and better dynamic range. I’m so excited and carrying it everywhere including to the supermarket. I can say the that the result is impressing. Check these out.

Chillies stall. This one is simply my favourite. The color feels rich and it just pops up more.

Onions & Gingers. Red and brown, land-ish color. 

Fruit stall. 28mm being a wide angle lens, it captures everything from a very short distance. It enables to capture more story in a frame.

Dried food alley

Canned food rack. More canned food can be captured in one frame.
Anyway, I made the hi-res version of these picture available on Unsplash. Click the button below to see my unsplash account where you can download the hi-res version there.

Photo Notes

All pictures were taken using Sony α7 Mark 2 + Sony’s FE 28mm f2 lens. I love how wide the field of view on 28mm is and how remarkable the dynamic range of full frame camera are. The color looks more lively and it performs really really better in low light condition compared to Sony α6000. I guess the α7’s in-body stabilization does a good job kicking out those blur caused by hand jitter. Plus, A7 has more physical buttons which gives faster access to more features.