I’d like to announce that I’m releasing version 0.1 of plugin I’ve crafted for the past month, WP-IG.

What is WP-IG?

Glad you asked. Basically, WP-IG is a WordPress plugin which enables you to import and sync your Instagram photos/videos to your WordPress site. For its complete features, you can see all the thing you can do with the plugin on its page.

For those who’d like to try WP-IG right away, you can download it on GitHub. I’ve submitted WP-IG to WordPress plugin repository, but looks like it will take some time to be approved since there is a quite long queue in plugin reviewing.

If you found any bug or if you have any feature idea regarding the plugin, please let me know.

Update (July 18th, 2014)

WP-IG has been accepted and released on WordPress Plugin Repository. Download WP-IG here or install it directly from your WordPress dashboard.