What To Do If You Want To Be Treated As Adult / Mature Person in One Simple Step*

by | Oct 19, 2012 | Essays | 2 comments

Step 2: There’s no step two. Don’t you read the title of this post?

No matter how old your age is, teenager, twenty something or even thirty something, if you’re still relying to your parents to pay your bill and expenses, you’re not an adult yet. I hope this could easily answer teenager’s cliche depression which says “teenager is expected to behave as adult but treated as a child“-thing. Stop complaining. Your maturity isn’t defined by your age, not even by your status (college student, uni graduate, employee, etc). People see you as a mature person the time you can feed yourself. Thousand years ago, you can feed yourself if you’re able to hunt. Thus the time you become a hunter is the time you are titled as an adult. Today, you can feed yourself if you’re able to pay for food. Thus, you’ll be treated as adult the time you can pay your food (and other bill and expenses for sure, it’s a quite complex world nowadays) yourself.

The time money become your problem and not your parents problem only, that’s when your life begins as adult.

However, there’s a thing you need to know: You can’t be good with money and other financial stuff in a night. It’ll requires years from the time you decide to feed your ownself until you completely able to feed your ownself. The process wouldn’t be easy, but you’ll need to embrace it. It’ll be better for you to be burdened from the process of acquring financial skill when you’re 18 or early twenty rather than being burdened on your 33 by your inability in handling your financial life.


* note: this post is inspired by my college friend’s tweet weeks ago. Thanks for the tweeting it, it inspires me to write this down. I hope this piece of writing will be useful for the others


  1. AMYunus

    Great post! Anyway I lose my focus to the difference terms between adult and mature here. LOL.

    • Fikri Rasyid

      Well in this writing, both terms refer to the same thing actually LOL