Seriously, for people with big thigh* like me, buying a jeans is often become an annoying experience. It’s like none of these jeans maker creates compatible jeans cut for people with big thigh. That’s why once i found a jeans brand which suits my feet, i often re-buy things from them. For the last couple of years, to me that role is held by Ouval Research. However, thing goes wrong and I freakin gained weight that i never tought that i’d be in this kind of shape. Long story short, i need to find new jeans. After testing and realizing that Ouval’s jeans cut is no longer compatible with my new shape of thigh, i stumbled upon Wadezig! and hey, their jeans cut suits my thigh. The best part of it is their product tag mentions what kind of jeans is this, whether it’s a slim cut, standard, or else:

A small but incredibly helpful tweak. This, my friend, is a kind of details that helps me as a customer. This helps me make up my mind of which jeans that i should buy. To anyone at Wadezig! who designed this product tag, nice job, dude. Your employer should raise your salary :))) Looks like Ouval is gonna lost one of their returning jeans customer* to Wadezig!.


I also love the tone of this size marker. It’s not just a plain old boring S, M, L, or XL. There are a story and emotion in it.

Wadezig Size Marker

Do you think of another version of this copy text too? Yeah, thanks to the “large” copy LOL


  • Also applied to my cousins, brothers and sisters. Looks like this is a genetics thing.
  • I still love Ouval’s shirt and t-shirt tho. Nice material, not a bloated design and quite affordable price than the others.