Have you read this story?


This is freakin scary. That’s one of the reason why i can’t FULLY trusted cloud based solution. Nothing is perfect, tho. The fact that the iCloud account was stolen using clever social engineering trick shows the weak point of this whole Cloud based scheme: human.

Reciting jameskatt’s comment, here are lessons that can be learned from this case:

  1. Any account can be hacked.
  2. BACKUP YOUR DATA! Can’t stress this point enough.

People may mock Apple product regarding to this case, but i still think that OS X users are blessed with the simplest backup mechanism ever: Time Machine. In fact, I don’t think any other smartphone & PC have simple backup mechanism that can be performed by average user like Apple devices’ do. In Apple environment, these are what they got:

  1. iOS devices are backed up to the iTunes. Apps can be re-downloaded from the iTunes app store and data are backed up to the iTunes.
  2. Important files can be backed up to the cloud service such as Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.
  3. Offline backup can be easily performed using Time Machine. This way, iOS devices’ data which are stored in the OS X are also backed up. CMIIW.

So, how do you backup your data?

Plugging in Time Machine HDD to the Mac