I’ve been in relationship with my lovely girlfriend ehm for more than 14 months. Well it hasn’t been that long in adult life, but based on my experience I’m able to say that relationship isn’t an easy thing. It requires patience, attention, money, time and many other things. However, it enables you to learn and experience many things that you’ll never experience if you’re not in a relationship. This is what i realised from my relationship :

  1. Some experiences are awesome
  2. But some other experiences are not that awesome

Well basically all thing offers those two kind of experiences tho. The great and the hard side. Two sides of coin. However, because it isn’t easy, it’ll grow you up. Experience grows you up. Without proper experiences, both the good and the bad, you’ll never grow up.


Anyway, this thing caught my mind since some times ago. Thanks to wedding pictures that keep popping up on my Facebook News Feed, I know that some of my high school acquintances are getting married. As far as I know (CMIIW), in Islamic teaching marriage is known as half of the deen or half of the religion. I kinda think this is probably one of the reasons that it is being stated that way. Marriage wouldn’t be easy. It’d be even trickier than young adult relationship. Don’t let fairy tales trick you (kinda remind me of payphone, damn that song is catchy). You’ll face things, both of the great and the hard times.

Probably, that’s how the deen is completed. By experiencing things.