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I am Indonesian-based WordPress theme developer. I’ve blogged here since 2008. This is my personal blog where I share my thoughts and experiences.

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Spain Trip 2018

Japan Trip 2017

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On Marriage

This is totally subjective. However, If I have to sum up marriage in one word, it'll be this: AMPLIFIER Marriage amplifies everything, both good and bad, multiple times. For every fancy moment you saw on your social media feed about marriage, kids, and family life,...

These Weeks Recap: March 26th, 2018

These Week(s) Recaps March 05 - March 26, 2018It's been two weeks since I posted the last this week recap and it was for a good reason: I've been trying so hard to publish my giga post Japan Trip 2017 so I restrain myself from writing anything and just focus to have...

Japan Trip 2017

Japan Trip 2017Dec 17 - 23Lihat juga vlog Japan Trip 2017 disini.Gue selalu ingin ke Jepang namun gue tidak pernah berencana untuk pergi ke Jepang di tahun ini. Alasannya sederhana: sepanjang tahun ini gue cek harga tiket Indonesia ke Asia Timur dan harga-nya selalu...

This Week Recap: March 05, 2018

Fikri's This Week Recap March 05, 2018 Recently Visited Soekarno-Hatta's Terminal 3 I finally had a chance to see Soekarno Hatta's newest terminal myself. It's been a while since the terminal is built but everytime I had a flight from Jakarta, it is never went from...

This Week Recap (2018/2/3)

I Write. Again.I'm pretty sure that some part of myself still think that it is still 2017 but here we are entering the last week of February 2018. As cliche as it sounds, time indeed flies really fast. I practically sort of abandoning blogging the entire 2017 to...

Hanya Berdagang dengan Yang Seagama

Salah satu teori yang cukup populer (ada beberapa teori, silahkan Googling sendiri) mengenai penyebaran islam di Nusantara adalah Islam masuk melalui perdagangan yang dilakukan oleh para pedagang yang datang dari daerah Gujarat (India). Bayangkan apa yang terjadi jika...

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