Hello, I am Fikri Rasyid

I am Indonesian-based WordPress theme developer. I’ve blogged here since 2008.

About This Site

fikrirasyid.com is my personal blog where I share my thoughts, ideas, and experiences. It consists of writings, photos, and occassional vlogs. I write mostly in Bahasa Indonesia and English.


My thoughts in form of writing. Sometimes its a manifestation of what’s on my mind, sometimes it’s just a way to share what I’ve been experienced.


Mostly a cross-post from my Instagram on instagram.com/fikrirasyid. I recently gain more interests on photography. All the photos are either shot on Sony 𝛂 6000, Sony RX100, or iPhone 6S.


Me and my wife started a YouTube channel at the end of 2016. It mainly consists of family-related experience and travel videos so far.

Recent Posts

These are things I posted on this site. Enjoy. 

Makna and his grandfather. Bot…

Makna and his grandfather. Both like toolings and tweakings and creating things. I guess the creator tendency runs in the family #sonya6000 #a6000View Original:...

Japan Trip 2017 | Vlog 25

#fikrizkiya2017 Eps. 25. We went to Japan! Several places that we visited: Tokyo: Asakusa / Senso-Ji, Akihabara, Odaiba (1:1 scale Gundam at DiverCity Plaza), East Garden Imperial Palace, Shibuya, Harajuku, Shinjuku, VR Zone...

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I’m currently not available for frontend development or WordPress-based project. Besides that, let me know if you’ve something nice or interesting to say.