Mobile “Collaborative Creation” App

by | Aug 9, 2013 | Essays

Couple of days ago, I stumbled upon Everlapse which can be concluded as “Collaborative Photo Sharing“. Here’s how it works: You post a picture and a theme of the picture. Next, other users can submit photos with similar theme to the post. The photo submission can be approved or rejected by the post owner. The “post” which consists of images, is displayed as slideshow which can be fast-forwarded using swipe gesture or paused using tap gesture.

Like I said above, a collaborative photo sharing.

This morning, I found this link on Twitter which said that Chad Hurley, co-Founder of YouTube, launched Mixbit. Fundamentally, It does  what Everlapse does but uses video as its medium. Using the first conclusion, I can safely say that Mixbit is about “collaborative video sharing“.

Now I’m assuming that the era of mobile “collaborative creation” app is coming.