It’s been a while since I recorded and published any song. Three days ago, I finally recorded a four year old song I wrote when I was on my second year of university. It’s called “Nothing But You“. I love the weirdness of the riff and the ambiguous sense of the lyrics. I just never in the mood to record it. I was afraid to screw it by recording imperfect version of it.

Three days ago, I finally say “screw perfection let’s just ship it”. Done is better than perfect anyway. So I spent some time after work hours and record it in my dorm room. Here’s how it sounds:

For those who are into lyrics like I do, here’s the lyrics:

Nothing But You

written by Fikri Rasyid

It comes at fast, it comes at last
Three fold utopian dream, but made me survive
How come i don’t hope it comes true?
My admiration for human thought

Yeah, it was nothing but joy
Nothing but lust
Nothing but happiness inside

Yeah, it was nothing but fun
Nothing but peace
Nothing but all those fantasies

Look alive, a simple thought
About you and i would become
Some say it is naive, but why should i care?
What you see is what you be, just let me simply be me

Yeah, it was nothing but you
Nothing but you.

Anyway, an Incubus fan should know what “three fold utopian dream” is  :))