Making Educational Institution Website Feels “More Human”

by | Dec 1, 2013 | Essays

I was at the office, browsing other universities’ website for benchmarking and realize this design element at ITHB’s site:

ITHB Course Page - Management

ITHB Course Page - Industrial Engineering

This is really nice. There is this humanistic feeling when I saw those head of deparment’s photo there. It feels like saying “this course is backed by real people, just like you.” and this makes me feel comfortable. Its execution is also nice, tho. It’s a well situated photo which blends nicely to the page design, not just some photo the administrator found inside his hardisk and just put it on the site.

However, I think if ITHB puts all the related faculty members of departments’ photo on the departments page, it’ll be even “more human” tho.

Regardless the suggestion I mentioned above, Well done, ITHB. Well done. Me gusta.