These are three awesome links that i found this morning. The first one comes from Jamie of 37Signals on learning curve titled “Idiot-proofing is for Idiots” which is inspired from Kate Bassford Baker’s “Please Don’t Help My Kids“. I found these two parts from Jamie are really really brilliant:

They taught me that, yes Rails is easy, but first you need to feel frustration and discomfort before you can really learn.

The second one is

…once I learned about what Rails did (after 4 weeks), how it worked with Ruby, my mind was open. I was like Neo in The Matrix when he sees the world decoded.

Seriously, those were mindblowing.

The last link is pretty much a FYI for me. Found this Quora page on Facebook, shared by Agus Mulyono of who was my client. A very interesting question: What are the most successful, revenue-generating Internet companies that are operated solely by one person?