January 2020

by | Feb 3, 2020 | Essays

So… there goes the first month of 2020 LOL. It’s still feels like yesterday when everyone is so hyped with 2020 and decade in review post pops up everywhere and here we are now at February 2020. The first month of this decade was so freakin unbelievable. Globally:

  1. Literally in the first day of the year, massive flood hit Jakarta. Many areas that never experienced flood was sunk.
  2. Australia’s massive bushfire which affected half billion animals.
  3. Trump launched drone strike which kills Iranian General, panicking everyone that this *might* trigger WW3.
  4. Deadly Corona virus outbreak from Wuhan, China.
  5. Kobe Bryant (along with 8 others including his daughter) died in helicopter accident.

So the first month of the decade was pretty shocking globally, obviously. For me personally, this is the first month of me being father of two kids. My first son was born more than 4 years ago so I forgot how it feels like to have a little baby in the house. It’s been great but it is also been challenging. Couple of things that i can say about being a parent:

  • It is lot of work, and you’ll need as much help as you can get from your inner circle.
  • Unexpected thing happens. That’s just how it is and probably sum up the whole experience about being parent. You plan things, then the reality shows that your plan doesn’t really work. Gonna need revision and adapt to things asap.

Besides having our daughter, more things happened this past month:

  • Met my old friends on my friend’s wedding at Jakarta; haven’t met them since 5 years ago.
  • Work has been great; On top of that the feature i’ve been working on for months was finally released.
  • Went to Cirebon for a week. The city felt way hotter despite the heavy rains.
  • Had multiple chances to go and hang out with my son, just the two of us. I work from home so the three of us (me, wife, and kiddo) tend go out and hang out together. Now that there’s a little baby girl in the house, the dynamic is changed. That being said, is It was super fun and I expect to do more of this (҂’̀⌣’́)9
  • Brooklyn 99 Season 6 is finally on Netflix. I binge watched them right away, obviously.
  • Just realized how funny The Daily Show’s Ronny Chieng is; He has a standup special in Netflix and it was really good.
  • Liverpool hasn’t been unbeaten this season. I’m not a fan of football for long time but since last World Cup at Russia i started watching match highlights and for some reason this merseyside club caught my eye, starting with Salah’s crazy debut season, then to the realization on how Klopp transform the team. It’s been amazing to watch it.

That’s pretty much about it. Obviously not every thing made it to the list because i intentionally not inserting it and i simply forgot about it :shrug:

That being said, for couple of years I’ve been not blogging and throwing posts on social networks here and there because i want to post quality writing only on this blog. This year i said screw being perfectionist, it stops me from doing anything and let’s just blog when I want to blog about it.

Just like the old days.