How Cloud Storage Becomes Relevant & How iPhoto for Mac Becomes Irrelevant

by | Dec 2, 2012 | Essays

I really love taking picture using my iPhone 4S. There are two reasons for this:

  1. I want to remember moments. Seriously, there’s a thing about looking back at some certain period of my life. Live moves pretty fast and it helps me realize that those things were real. It happened. I don’t know when did i become this melancholic tho.
  2. The iPhone 4S i use produces awesome images. I remember the previous phone i use, which is Samsung Galaxy Mini: an affordable entry-level android phone running Android 2.3. It produces not-so bad images, but comparing it to the 4S is no brainer. They have totally different level and different level of satisfaction in terms of images they produce. I think this what they called “human built tools, then the tools shapes humankind”

So there are the two reasons: the habit, and the enabling tool. Those are perfect matches, unless the fact that there is a problem called storage capacity.

For my case, according to my experience: never use smartphone with storage less than 16 GB. I’m currently using 32 GB version iPhone and it only able to handle photos for the last two to three months. I’m using 256GB MacBook Pro and it has been run out of storage for several times. That’s how i force myself to further delete and delete more unimportant files from my desktop.

I start calculating things. In three or more years, i couldn’t keep deleting files to make a room on my storage. I can buy more external drives, but i’m a bit paranoid with backup-ing things (which means for every 1TB i used for images, i’m gonna need more 1 TB for backup which is quite expensive) and files on external drives require more steps to be accessed. Clumsy, i say.

That’s how cloud storage becomes make sense to me: I’m gonna need large storage to keep my photos for years to come and it should be easy to access. Furthermore, It needs to be able to help me to analyze and organize the photos i have and display it in understandable and efficient fashion. Lots of images is going to be stored in years to come and the question would be which one i want to remember someday. I’m not gonna have enough time to review all of them but somehow i want to keep all of them so it’ll be accessed if it’s necessary.

Realizing this things makes me quite sad tho. I really love iPhoto (for mac) and how it organizes my photos. However, unless it’s going to add iCloud integration to store all of my photos on the cloud (and make a room for my local storage at the same time) and iCloud offers an affordable plan for ridiculously large storage, i personally think that iPhoto would be irrelevant, at least for my own need.