House Feature Bucket List

by | Sep 26, 2021 | Essays | 2 comments

These are list of “house feature” that I couldn’t afford now but hopefully can afford sometimes in the future.

Room with in-room toilet / bath room

I used to think that room with in-room toilet is a nice thing to have but not that necessary. However this pandemic teaches us a lesson: pandemic happens and there’s a chance that family member get infected. When this happen, it’d be very useful to have a room with necessary necessities which can be transform into makeshift quarantine room.

I somehow have this hunch that this pandemic might not be the last pandemic in our lifetime. I hope i’m wrong tho.

Dedicated workshop

Right now i have a corner in our open plan level for working which is connected to the living and dining room. I’m always fascinated by the idea of having dedicated workshop room. An area for clean-work for working with laptops, and messy area for painting, sanding, and crafting with tools.

Backyard / garden

I’d love to have an open space lushed with greeneries where i can spend some afternoon outside but in private. Outdoor BBQ-ing in backyard sounds lovely as well.

Island shape kitchen set

Island shape kitchen shape looks.. social, inviting, and collaborative. It looks super nice but the thing with it is it requires more space, something we don’t have yet now 😅 I said to my wife that i want to try some cooking since.. probably last year and I still not doing any of it yet 😅 but hey, dream’s gotta start somewhere.

Storage room

If there’s anything that I’m pretty sure everyone fail to effectively assume, is how much of storage room someone needs.

Pretty sure this list will keep growing, but this will do for now. 😁


  1. Zam

    amiin.. semoga kesampaian semuaaa

    • Fikri Rasyid

      Aamiiin. Thanks Zam! 😆