Distributed Capabilities

by | Nov 10, 2012 | Essays

While many people wonder that things would be better if they were born rich, I think we should be grateful for our limitation instead. A form of blessing in disguise.

Try to think about it: Let’s say a family needs 10 to cater all members of the family’s need. Most of the time, there are two kind of families:

  1. A family with a dad who can produce 20,
    hence it has 10 surplus which enables them to live a luxurious lifestyle and the other members of family don’t to struggle to cater they need
  2. A family with a dad who can only produce 4,
    hence the other members of family should struggle to cater their own need.

The Two Families

The question would be:

  1. Which one do you prefer?
  2. Which one is healthier?
  3. What if something happens to the dads?
    We never know what will happen after all.

The Two Families Sans Dads

Most of the time, limitation forces us to have a better condition.