Well at least for me.

It’s been more than a year since i frequently buy CDs on physical music store. Normally, the price for the CD is around IDR 25k – 55k for local musician and 75k – 95k for foreign musician. What i can buy is constrained by the store’s stock and not to mention, in most stores i cannot try before i buy. In this kind of scenarion, normally I’d buy two CDs per month.

Then iTunes came to Indonesia. Heck, IDR 3k – 7k per songs. An album’s price is ranged between IDR 25k – 45k – 65k and 95k. That was awesome. I ended up buying an album per week this three months.

Then i stumbled upon Deezer. Okay, Spotify basically had done what Deezer offers for a long time ago. Unlucky for them, they’re not available for Indonesian market yet while Deezer is already available for Indonesian market. I’m using telkomspeedy you-know-how-‘fast’-it-is and the musics i streamed didn’t lagged (yet?) which is awesome. Furthermore, the price range is insanely affordable. You can stream unlimited music for free using your account. It already has an iOS app and combined with Premium+ plan with USD 5.99 / month, you can use its “offline mode” where you can store playlist you created or albums you favorited on your device and play it without internet connection.

USD 5.99 is average price i spent on an album i buy on iTunes weekly. If this keeps going, my buying preference in buying music is going to be changed again soon enough.

Now i know how disruptive Spotify for US market. Heck, now i’m wondering if Apple is going to offer streaming plan through iTunes. It’s a bit different but they already have movie rent scheme anyway.


Rdio offers more app compatibility (available as desktop app with more good looking UI than deezer) but heck, it hasn’t available on Indonesian market yet.

What about local player such as MelOn or MusikKamu? As far as i know, their offerings for the time being aren’t better than Deezer’s offering and price.