Here are two of the best gifts my mom gives me: attitude and way of thinking.


After I reached my early adultery stage (post highschool phase) my mom never gave me fancy clothing, latest mobile phone, cool video game or a nice ride like my auties did to my cousins. Instead, she let me struggled. She brought me around and showed me the way she worked. She helped me setting up my bank account. She invested in tools and education I proposed even though she couldn’t understand what i’m gonna do with that. She gave a time and space for me to try. She encouraged me when I’m tired. She shared her experience and way of thinking.

Years have passed. I’m about to enter my post university phase. My mom still never bought me fancy clothing, latest mobile phone, video game or fancy ride.

I can buy it myself now.*

Four years of struggling. A pretty worthy tradeoff. Those are the gifts that couldn’t be handed by buying and giving. Those are the gifts that can only be developed during the time.

Thank you, mom. I could never reached this phase without you.


  • Except the fancy ride, tho. A stuff with that price tag is still quite unaffordable for me for the time being :))