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Amazing Art World

by | Apr 29, 2018 | Bandung, Places

Amazing Art World which dubbed itself as “The Biggest 3d Art Museum In The World” is located on upper area of Setiabudi Bandung near Rumah Sosis.

As a tourist attraction, its main offering is the experience of large paintings which gives 3D-like optic illusion + chance to took a selfie with it. So.. sounds pretty interesting, i guess: Optic illusion and big painting. I thought my 3 year old son would love it as a place to be visited on this Sunday morning. So off we go.

We’re pretty surprised to find the size of the venue: It was huge. What surprised us more: we find that the place doesn’t seem to draw lots of visitor as most of the parking spaces were empty. However, what surprised us the most: the place only took cash. Given its ticket price, this is quite surprising.

Amazing Art World, Bandung

You have to take your shoes off when you enter the gallery. It keeps itself consistent to its main offering. Inside the venue, you’ll have couple of area with lots of three dimensional painting where you can pose inside the painting and gives the illusion that you’re inside the painting. What’s cool about the pace is it helps the visitors with a cue of “take your picture here” so they can reproduce the optical illusion of the three dimensional painting. What’s pretty dumb tho, the venue’s lighting is decent for eye viewing but really lacking for photography. The lack of natural and artificial light makes it really tricky to capture a clear shot.
After hovering around with my super-excited kid who run around and miserably try to catch up with him, we’re pretty pleased with the place. Its overall experience can be summed into:
Entering a painting’s frame and took interesting selfie out of it, although the lighting isn’t quite satisfying for a clear shot.