Lately the idea of having a web service which is: federated, a form of real time API which is focused on users not advertisers and giving back to power of controlling the data to its user, emerges. What’s funny is I think WordPress can handle, well not all but, most or at least many of the problem stated:

  1. It allows user to control their own data
  2. It has RSS Feed, regardless the question of how making it performs ‘real time for all user’, for sure.

Well some things still need to be solved, though:

  1. Making content creation more seamless. I’m thinking of insanely minimalistic front end editor. Imagine putting Twitter tweet box or Facebook status updates box on top of the latest post.
  2. ‘Timeline view’ and its follow, retweet, and conversation mechanism. I’m thinking of an interface built on top of RSS feed, like building a better looking Google Reader for WordPress.
  3. A directory of who to follow, or who can be followed.

Built it in form of plugin + service a la Automattic’s jetpack. The ideas i mentioned above is far from perfect tho, but what do you think?