Here’s the thing: i don’t know when, but some times ago i read this awesome article. The stupid side of me, i didn’t bookmark the page. Heck i never bookmark a page, why should i? All i think is if i ever need to look for the page, i’ll just google search it.

I’ll just freakin google search it.

Or so i thought.

For the time being, I just found a situation which needs me to cite the page that i’ve mentioned above. I just spent i don’t know how many minutes for searching that particular page. Google search? Fail. Wait a sec, was it something i read through Google Reader? Searching on Google Reader it is. Dammit, fail.

So i don’t do bookmarking because for me it’s getting in the way. It’s like having a great time and loosing it for a moment because i pull my iPhone for snapping a picture. The difference is i never look back for the bookmarked stuff while i occasionally saw pictures i have taken.

Is there any way to filter Google Search to perform “search blablabla from webpages i’ve visited“-ala SIRI? That’ll be damn useful.